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BW NICE is thrilled to announce the launch of the BW NICE Voice Podcast sponsored by Single Throw Marketing. This podcast will focus on our foundation of women who support and empower each other, and see value in the balance of business networking and charitable outreach. We will discuss hot topics in today’s world, specifically in the environment of COVID-19 and beyond, while standing by the three pillars of BW NICE – Networking, Education and Charity.

Podcast Hosts:

Diane Simovich (left): Diane is Founder and President of BW NICE, Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education, a professional women’s networking organization established in April, 2009, in central New Jersey. BW NICE provides women at all stages of business and personal life with support, education and resources. Each BW NICE Chapter is dedicated to raising awareness and funds supporting a local organization in the fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Gina Simeone: Gina is a Digital Marketing Consultant for the Google Premier Partnered Agency Single Throw Marketing in Wall NJ, and Membership Director for the BW NICE Monmouth County Chapter. Single Throw Marketing specializes in all things digital, with a focus on not only showing up, but being chosen.

Kat Verde:  Kat is Founder of Verdi Consulting, LLC and President of the BW NICE Monmouth County Chapter.  Kat is a Caregiver, Aging Adult, LGBTQ Elder Senior Living, and Healthcare Advocacy Consultant. She guides and advocates for “Adult Children Caregivers with Careers” (ACCC), Adults Aging in Place (AAIP) and LGBTQ Elders in many facets families face with their loved ones with senior living and healthcare.

Our first podcast launched on September 30th!  Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes launching on October 7th and October 28th!


Podcast Links:

Episode 1: 9/30/2020 – BW NICE Founder & President, Diane Simovich, speaks about how this women’s empowerment organization came to fruition in 2009.

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Episode 2: 10/7/2020 – Verdi Consultant Founder, Kat Verdi, speaks about “The Art of Networking in a Virtual World.” (Also on Buzzsprout.)

Episode 3: 10/14/2020 – Dr. Kerri Weiss, Psychologist from Ocean Wellness Center, will be speaking about identifying and coping with Narcissistic behavior. (Also on Buzzsprout.)

Episode 4: 10/20/2020 – Jill Zinckgraf, Executive Director with DASACC (Domestic Assault & Sexual Abuse Crisis Center) in Warren and Hunterdon County, New Jersey, speaks about raising awareness for assault victims and how the organization gives back to women. She explores statistics and the evolution of domestic violence over the last fifty years. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. (Also on Buzzsprout.)