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Why did BW NICE form a mentoring program?

We encourage members to enhance their networking abilities, foster meaningful partnerships with others, and help one another grow and prosper. We are a group of women who want to do more than merely exchange business cards. We see value in the balance of business networking and charitable outreach. We were founded out of someone’s personal story, and we want to be an integral part of others’ stories, too.

  • We are creating a bridge for new professionals to become future contributing members of BW NICE.
  • We are providing a supportive atmosphere for anyone that needs help navigating life and work.
  • Mentors report very high satisfaction in the relationship they cultivate: both learning from the mentee’s perspective and helping others to navigate the complexities of work and life.

The BW NICE Mentor Program matches mentoring pairs:

  • BW NICE members connect with college students or young professionals in transition.
  • Mentoring pairs have at least one meeting per month for at least 6 months, or as long as the pair would like to continue, at a time and location convenient for both.
  • The program structure includes an application, a mentor-mentee matching, orientation program, ongoing mentoring meetings, and an assessment of the experience.

Who is eligible to participate?