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Michele D’Amico

Glass Artist Glass Artist
Cell Phone: 484-571-8398


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I began playing with glass in 2006 and immediately fell in love with the material.  It is remarkably versatile and resilient, cooperative and unforgiving all at the same time.  Knowing how to manipulate the glass has become a passion.  I have recently begun playing not only with hot glass, but lamp worked glass and warm (kiln) glass.  Each has its own nuances and potential and all can be combined with one another to enhance design possibilities.

I have created the red shoe Businesswoman of the Year Award for BW NICE Lehigh Valley, Warren, Monroe and Sussex County.  I can also create custom plaques for any number of awards or events.  There is any number of ways to create things with glass.

I offer a special to all of the new chapters to BW NICE.  If you choose my hand blown glass shoe for your award in your initial year, there is no charge for the award.  If you choose to continue using my hand blown glass shoe award, the charge is $159.00, tax included.  There is a 4 month lead time for ordering the glass shoe award due to scheduling conflicts and finishing and mounting time requirements.  Each shoe is mounted to a lead crystal base and professionally engraved which is included in the price of the award.  Shipping will be a separate charge.

Having said all of that, I create cups, mugs, bowls, plates, vases, light fixture shades, and sculptures.  Custom is what it is all about.

There is untold potential in glass.  Let’s create something together.