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Tracy Marie Burke

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I did not set out on my Essential Oils Journey to make it a business for myself. I was simply searching for all natural ways to help heal and protect my family. I chose alternative natural ways from the moment I found out that I was pregnant, including using a midwife instead of a OB/GYN. Something in me told me to not follow the norm and to seek a more natural approach. I grew up very sickly and have many health issues both genetic and due to trauma and a terrible accident. Just like many moms I wanted better for my children. I was introduced to oils many years ago with no real results, so when I was approached by a friend over 3 years ago, I was a bit hesitant. But after a few months of seeing the research she had and the amazing results she was having with using them on herself and her family, I had to find out more. Now I know there is a difference between Health Food Store Oils and Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade(CPTG) Oils. I was pleasantly surprised by the results I had almost immediately when introducing these oils into my every day life.

It has been almost 3 years now that I have been using doTerra oils and I can’t imagine not having them. They are the first thing I go to to tackle any issue. I love researching which oil will help a friend when they discuss any problems they’re having and whipping them up a concoction for them to try before they buy. I believe in these oils so much and desire to help anyone that wants to know more. I now feel it’s time to share all that I have learned. With my personal experience of using the oils for a long period of time, I can truly say I am confident in my product and desire to move forward with sharing my knowledge even though there’s far more to learn.  I’m so passionate about them and desire to share and continue to learn every day.

Being a single mom now I’m faced with many new challenges. Most important is trying to find a job that I can do well and still be the full time mom that I have been. Being a Girl Scout Leader, Soccer Manager, PTO mom, and Children’s Church Teacher are all very important jobs and beneficial for my child, but they don’t pay the bills. My hope is that I can help others and make a modest living at the same time.

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