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To request an intern for your chapter, download the Request for Intern form and follow the instructions below. You’ll also need to create a job description and download a contact information form for your intern.


Request for Internship Instructions


  • Internships generally take place in spring (January-March), summer (May-July) and fall (September-November).
  • Your job description needs to be available to students in the semester before you actually place the intern. For example, both summer and fall interns may review job descriptions in March.

Information needed for your Chapter:

  • What are your meeting dates in the semester that you need the intern?
  • What is the location for your meetings?
  • Who will supervise the intern? In most cases, this will be the president of the chapter.
  • What semester is best for you? You may want to plan around the dates of your Red Shoe Event.

What colleges are in your county or nearby?

  • Do you have a relationship with a college?
  • Do you know the internship coordinator at your college of interest?

Example job duties for the intern:

  • Event planning: assist with coordinating special events as assigned.
  • Draft and edit copy for press releases, newsletters, and media materials.
  • Attend leadership committee meetings, breakfast meetings, and training sessions.
  • Design social media campaigns, newsletters, press releases.
  • Develop website content. Review performance metrics.
  • Provide market research and reports.

Submit the Request for Internship Form to:

Dr. Carol-Anne Minski
BW NICE Director Corporate Mentor and Internship Programs

After the Hire

Once you’ve hired an intern, submit the intern’s name and start date to Diane Simovich and Dr. Carol-Anne Minski. Have the intern fill out the contact information sheet. Keep a copy for yourself and send a copy to Dr. Carol-Anne Minski.