Towards The Light…Journeys of Hope, Courage and Inspiration

I was asked to my first meeting 6 years ago by my friend and Treasurer Debbie Weiss. Neither of us had any idea of what BW NICE was except that it was a group of women who network. Well I couldn’t be more wrong……..yes we network and support each other’s businesses but we are so much more than that…we are an army of women supporting each other, lifting each other up and being a part of something much bigger.

We are a group of women who want to do more than merely exchange business cards. We see value in the balance of business networking and charitable outreach. Supporting SAFE in Hunterdon is an honor we have every month and once a year at The Red Shoe Event. Families impacted by domestic violence are impacted daily and thankfully are supported by SAFE in Hunterdon. The women of BW NICE are committed every day to the community of women who are impacted by domestic violence. Every year it is our pleasure to donate to SAFE.

-Linda Quartuccio, President BW NICE Hunterdon Chapter

Diane Simovich is an Author and Founder of BW NICE (Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education), a unique women’s networking organization that provides women at all stages of their careers – and their lives – with support, education and resources. Established in 2009 in central New Jersey, BW NICE is positioned to expand throughout the country. Each chapter supports a local agency, raising awareness and funds in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. Additionally, each chapter provides critical support to women and children in transition through monthly donations as well as an annual gala fundraiser called The Red Shoe™. The Red Shoe™ symbolizes unity, strength and empowerment and honors the journey of those who have been impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.


From a Reader…

“I couldn’t put the book down and read it through in one sitting. The stories not only wake us up but move us to stay awake and engage into the initiatives of BW NICE that make practical tactical differences in the lives of these courageous women.  Reflecting on the stories prompted me to dig deeper receiving more understanding and peace with my own experiences.” 

— Janet Werner, U Have My Word LLC