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Node Kludze
Program Director

Node is a Medicaid Specialist focused on helping the senior citizens of New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania pay for their long-term care needs in both assisted living facilities and nursing homes. For over a decade, attorneys and individuals have relied on her expertise to help seniors navigate the complex and frustrating Medicaid application process. In 2017, Node founded the NJ Senior Caregiver Support Group on Facebook to build a community of caregivers who offer support, tips, ideas and encouragement to others going through similar experiences in caring for their loved one. Node is also a Pennsylvania notary public and certified loan signing agent.

Node decided to join BW NICE because she was impressed with an organization that not only allowed her to offer support to her fellow women in business, but also offer support to a cause that is very near and dear to her heart. She has respect and appreciation for the work that Diane has done to bring attention to the needs of victims of domestic violence.