About Us

Welcome to BW NICE. We are happy that you want to know more. Established in April 2009, BW NICE (Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education) is a special organization that blends the successful building of women in business with helping other women achieve their potential in life and profession. BW NICE provides a warm, friendly atmosphere that is supportive, educational and dynamic, so women will:
  • make meaningful business connections. BW NICE members have easy and unlimited access to one another’s encouragement, knowledge, talents and resources. BW NICE members and friends connect during monthly events, classes, and through BW NICE’s website and social networking.
  • learn tips and techniques for new ways to succeed. Events throughout each month offer a combination of informal and structured networking activities that highlight techniques for making connections and pursuing your career goals.
  • leave each event motivated. BW NICE members find the interaction with each other to recharge their batteries and to create a positive outlook for their life and work.
Our philosophy is welcoming and non-competitive. Our members don’t have to be here. They want to be here. Membership is not restricted to one person per industry or one employment type. We do not require lead quotas or referrals, and we do not have a policy against membership with other networking organizations. Instead, we encourage members to enhance their networking abilities, foster meaningful partnerships with others, and help one another grow and prosper. We are a group of women who want to do more than merely exchange business cards. We see value in the balance of business and outreach. We were founded out of someone’s personal story, and we want to be an integral part of others’ stories, too.  

BWN LLC Partners

Diane Simovich- Founder

Judy Gold- Partner

Dana Lane- Partner

Pam Duda- Partner


From left to right: Judy Gold- Coldwell BankerDiane Simovich- Balanced Living Solutions, Pam Duda, Dana Lane- Dana Lane Photography

BWNICE INC 501C3 Board of Trustees

Diane Simovich

Judy Gold

Rosanne DeTorres

Nancy Fox

Melissa Hammer
Red Shoe-29
From left to right: Rosanne DeTorres, Nancy Fox, Diane Simovich, Melissa Hammer, Judy Gold